Energy Audits

Assess your building's potential: save energy and improve comfort

We can help you learn how your building is performing

  • Investigate ways to save energy and energy dollars
  • Prioritize health and safety issues
  • Determine if systems work as designed and work together
  • Address deferred maintenance and end-of-life equipment
  • Understand comfort issues that come from energy system related problems, leading to increased morale, attendance, productivity
  • Trouble shoot air quality problems, often related to poorly performing energy systems > reduce drowsiness, smells, VOCs, drafts
  • Investigate renewable energy systems such as solar, wood pellets or wood chips heating systems, or other efficient technologies such as heat pumps, controls, or lighting
  • Create an Energy Audit Report consisting of appropriate energy projects, comprehensive energy and financial models, and guidance for next steps.

Energy Audit Terms Defined

An Energy Audit is a customized assessment, analysis, and action plan that describes current conditions in your building and guides you to make energy and comfort improve- ments as needed, cost-effective, and desired. We take into account your concerns and wishes for next steps, results from our analysis, energy use, building science, health and safety issues, and our expertise to  make your building more cost-efficient, comfortable, safe, and resilient.  We analyze your energy bills; use diagnostic tools such as blower door, thermal imaging, and data monitoring equipment; inventory where energy is used in the building; inspect construction, insulation levels and installation techniques; and determine if building management systems and/or controls operate as designed. Our recommendations range from low-cost/no-cost advice to sophisticated upgrades to the building envelope, energy and ventilation systems, and renewable energy systems.  Many clients seek our ASHRAE Level 2 audits to qualify for rebates or energy efficiency programs. Our audits can be simple walk-through assessments and benchmarking, single-measure analysis, or comprehensive feasibility studies.

Benchmarking: We compare your energy bills to similar buildings as a first step in our analysis. Benchmarking also helps us understand where and when you use the most energy – electricity versus heating and their costs, and we can then further determine end uses of your energy.  Some buildings in NH are so inefficient they are  “off the chart”. 

Reports: Once we have a deep understanding of how your building uses energy and where it can be made more efficient, we model the energy and financial savings which helps inform our recommendations for your next steps.